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Surgical Options for TMD Pain
Posted on 4/23/2018 by Palisades Surgical Arts
Temporomandibular disorders or TMD have become quite common nowadays. TMD is a term used to define abnormalities in the masticatory area. You may have heard about the temporomandibular joint or TMJ syndrome, and this one is a subset of TMD. At the outset, we should point out that surgery is the last option. The wrong diagnosis will aggravate, not alleviate, your condition. Does TMD Necessarily Require Surgery?We do not recommend surgery right away in cases of temporomandibular disorders if a conservative approach will be sufficient to address the problem. For instance, we have to determine if you have some muscle problems that may impact on the movement of your jaw; sometimes they intersect with any problems in the joint itself. Improper diagnosis will result to improper procedure, and your problem will not go away. Nevertheless, one surgical option is called condylotomy. We will recommend surgery when pain is already debilitating or jaw movement is no longer possible. Broken jaw or displacement of a bone in the jaw will also require surgery. Another option is Arthrocentesis procedure, which does not necessarily use a scalpel, but is still invasive in nature. You will have to go to an oral and maxillofacial specialist for this procedure. Arthroscopy can also be employed, which involves cutting scar tissue or shearing off a part of the disc. The main purpose of TMD surgery is to provide pain relief, bring back the normal function of your jaw, and repair any problem with the structural integrity of your mouth and jaw. If you suspect symptoms of temporomandibular disorders, schedule an appointment with us immediately. In most cases, we try to adopt a conservative approach. We will exhaust all possible options before we even recommend a surgical procedure. In some cases of TMD, splint therapy, jaw exercises (which are part of the overall physical therapy), relaxing the jaw muscles or resting the jaw proved to be effective....

Is Facial Reconstruction Something to Discuss With Your Oral Surgeon?
Posted on 4/13/2018 by Palisades Surgical Arts
If you are a victim of facial trauma and are having second thoughts on asking an oral surgeon for more information about facial reconstruction, you really should not. Oral surgeons are the ideal people to talk to about facial reconstruction. So, whether you are looking to have an initial consultation or are trying to select a professional to handle the procedure, an oral surgeon should be at the top of your list. Facial trauma, also called maxillofacial injuries, is a form of injury sustained to areas that include the face, mouth, and jaw. It is important for maxillofacial injuries to be treated immediately. Injuries to this area of the body will directly affect your vision, verbal and eating abilities, and in some cases, even your breathing. What Happens If I Delay Facial Reconstruction?It is extremely important for patients who suffered facial trauma to get treatment right away because delaying the inevitable can ultimately lead to the development of future problems. This is especially true for those who have severe facial injuries. However, if your facial injuries happened years ago and you are considering having your face reconstructed, then you can rest easy knowing that advances in oral and maxillofacial surgical techniques have made the process easier, faster, and far less painful. All facial reconstruction procedures are different for each patient type, and this can be determined only by a proper diagnosis from specialists. They can fully assess your case, including the severity of your trauma. This allows them to advise you on which procedure or treatment will work best for you. Are Oral Surgeons the Experts on Facial Trauma?Yes, we are called oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and we have undergone specialized training to treat different kinds of maxillofacial defects. Because of the education and training we received, we provide expert care in the handling of the reconstruction repairs you are in need of....

Benefits of Dental Implant Surgery
Posted on 3/20/2018 by Palisades Surgical Arts
Undeniably, people take pride in a white and perfectly healthy set of teeth. However, as we grow older, parts of our body also grow with us including our teeth. It could mean a totally damaged set of teeth due to tooth decay, tooth loss, or a tooth that is chipped or broken. But time and again, our society has gone through great lengths to improving our physical appearance. Facial features are one part of the body that is most invested in. Among these innovations and developments are dental implant. Not only do they enhance our appearance, but they also provide a necessary function. It Could Last a LifetimeDental implants are intentionally made to last for decades. As long you take care of them like how you normally do to your natural teeth, it could last you a lifetime. Once bonded to your jawbone, the implant will not cause the bone to deteriorate any further. An implant also does not affect its neighboring teeth. The teeth that surround it can grow well without causing any damage from the implant. With dental implants, you can get your teeth to work like they are good as new. You can save yourself from the hassle and pain of refitting and detaching bridges or dentures. Moreover, you do not need to spend any more because once you have the implant, you will not be needing adjustments every so often. Better Look and Function in the SocietyThe artificial crown that is made to look exactly like your natural teeth will allow you to smile confidently, speak clearly and eat normally without feeling any awkwardness in the mouth. In other words, you can mingle around people with confidence, thus allow you to work and associate better. Dental implant surgery is one way to look forward to a more confident manner of living. If you have given serious thought about getting a dental implant surgery, we have our professional team ready to assist you....

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