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How an Oral Surgeon Can Repair a Torn Lip
Posted on 5/23/2018 by Palisades Surgical Arts
Your lip can tear or tip for any number of reasons. When that happens, it is important you speak with someone able to help repair the tear. Your lip is not likely to heal properly on its own, and there is a very high likelihood of your lip becoming infected if left untreated. You need to come in for an exam as close to the injury as possible, so our experienced oral surgeons can help relieve your pain. Here are a few things to expect when you suffer from a ripped lip. Torn Lip Repair Can Help You Feel BetterWe understand that you will likely have some pain when you come in. We will do our best to numb up the area to help ease your pain. We will examine the tear and see what we can do to help bring the sections of skin back together. Typically, we will use stitches that dissolve on their own when repairing a torn lip. That way, you will not need to come in to have the stitches removed. Once we are done stitching up the area, we will likely give you some antibiotics and possibly some pain medication as well. Once your lip heals, it should look very similar to what it looked like before the injury occurred. We will also make sure you go home with the instructions on how to best care for the injury as it heals. You need to make sure you keep the entire area clean, so follow the instructions carefully. If you have any questions along the way, please reach out to us. Having a torn lip is no fun, but it can be something you recover from with ease. We are here to help in any way that we can, so call if anything feels out of the ordinary, or if you experience any unusual pain or bleeding after we repair the lip....

Can an Oral Surgeon Help Your Dentures Fit Better?
Posted on 5/13/2018 by Palisades Surgical Arts
Losing a tooth is something that does not only affect your oral health, but most of all your self-confidence. The moment you lose your tooth or a set of teeth, your speech becomes affected, sometimes making you sound funny when you talk. The same goes for eating because you are not able to chew your food properly. The solution for teeth loss is dentures. Getting dentures will restore the dental function you lost like chewing, biting, and of course the aesthetic function of smiling. Loose Or Poor Fitting DenturesThe normal way you can get fitted for dentures is by getting an impression of the tooth or teeth you have lost. However, even with impressions of your teeth, it is still possible for you to get a poor fitting denture. It is possible for a poor fitting denture to move whenever you eat and sometimes even fall out. They do not have stability and may even cause irritation to your gums because it rubs against them. You may wonder now what is a better alternative to this, or if there is some way to make dentures fit well somehow. Do not worry, because oral surgeons can help in making your dentures fit better. Pre-Prosthetic SurgeryPre-prosthetic surgery is done so that your mouth will be prepared for the positioning of a denture. Some cases do require minor oral surgery before they can be fitted with dentures. Just like your teeth, dentures are placed on the bone ridge, which is why it is vital to have the correct bone size and shape. There are a number of procedures that need to be done in order to prepare your mouth for denture placement, such as the removal of excess bone, bone reshaping, bone smoothing, even removal of excess gums. If you believe you have a poor fitting denture that you need to be fixed, or if you feel it is high time to replace the tooth/teeth you lost, do not hesitate to contact us because we are more than willing to help you....

Surgical Options for TMD Pain
Posted on 4/23/2018 by Palisades Surgical Arts
Temporomandibular disorders or TMD have become quite common nowadays. TMD is a term used to define abnormalities in the masticatory area. You may have heard about the temporomandibular joint or TMJ syndrome, and this one is a subset of TMD. At the outset, we should point out that surgery is the last option. The wrong diagnosis will aggravate, not alleviate, your condition. Does TMD Necessarily Require Surgery?We do not recommend surgery right away in cases of temporomandibular disorders if a conservative approach will be sufficient to address the problem. For instance, we have to determine if you have some muscle problems that may impact on the movement of your jaw; sometimes they intersect with any problems in the joint itself. Improper diagnosis will result to improper procedure, and your problem will not go away. Nevertheless, one surgical option is called condylotomy. We will recommend surgery when pain is already debilitating or jaw movement is no longer possible. Broken jaw or displacement of a bone in the jaw will also require surgery. Another option is Arthrocentesis procedure, which does not necessarily use a scalpel, but is still invasive in nature. You will have to go to an oral and maxillofacial specialist for this procedure. Arthroscopy can also be employed, which involves cutting scar tissue or shearing off a part of the disc. The main purpose of TMD surgery is to provide pain relief, bring back the normal function of your jaw, and repair any problem with the structural integrity of your mouth and jaw. If you suspect symptoms of temporomandibular disorders, schedule an appointment with us immediately. In most cases, we try to adopt a conservative approach. We will exhaust all possible options before we even recommend a surgical procedure. In some cases of TMD, splint therapy, jaw exercises (which are part of the overall physical therapy), relaxing the jaw muscles or resting the jaw proved to be effective....

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