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Symptoms You May Have If You Have Undiagnosed TMJ

Posted on 11/9/2020 by Palisades Surgical Arts
Symptoms You May Have If You Have Undiagnosed TMJTemporomandibular joint pain, commonly known as TMJ, is not always easily diagnosed. Sometimes, people with recurring headaches or tenderness with chewing, think they have another dental condition. Therefore, it is helpful to know some of the symptoms associated with this dental disorder.

What is TMJ?

A TMJ disorder is a condition where the joints of the jaw are not properly aligned, thereby causing problems with opening and closing the mouth or during eating. A TMJ disorder may be triggered by a jaw injury, or an injury to the jaw joint, and often involves the muscles in your neck and head. For example, a heavy blow to the head, such as the one from whiplash, can lead to TMJ. Other causes may include grinding and clenching the teeth (at night), which is known as bruxism, or because of arthritis inflammation and pain. Stress may also factor in how you hold your jaw or if you clench your teeth.

Related Symptoms

Some of the related symptoms to TMJ include tenderness or pain in the jaw, or around one or both temporomandibular joints. You may also suffer from earache or notice pain when chewing. Facial pain can also be a problem, as can jaw locking. Some patients hear a clicking sound upon opening the mouth or chewing. However, if there is no restriction of movement when the jaw clicks, you usually will not need to ask about TMJ treatments. Researchers are not sure about the reasons for TMJ. However, they fo associate the disorder with stress or dental misalignment. If TMJ is affecting your daily life or is impacting how you eat, you need to seek treatment immediately. Jaw pain is not normal, so it is important to learn more about any unexplained discomfort.

Do you believe you have TMJ? If so, we can help. Set up a time for a consultation and exam if you think you have this condition. We can determine the right treatment course to follow for your specific symptoms.

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