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Implant Retained Dentures
Bar Attachment Dentures in Pacific Palisades

Dental Implants - High-Tech Teeth

For many years, the only option available for replacing an entire arch of missing teeth was a removable prosthetic device known as dentures. While dentures are still available today (and many improvements have been made), dentures still present many issues for many patients.

Traditional dentures are well known for slipping out of place. When this happens, it not only causes an embarrassing situation, it can make speaking and eating difficult, as well as rub your gums, which can lead to denture sores. Dentures still require a significant amount of daily care. They also need to be replaced every few years to accommodate your changing jawbone.

Today, missing teeth does not always mean removable dentures. You have more options. At Palisades Surgical Arts, we offer several types of dental implants, including the bar attachment denture.

What is a bar attachment denture?

A bar attachment denture is a type of dental implant that provides you with an alternative to traditional dentures. Much like traditional dentures, it is used to replace an entire arch of missing teeth. The implants used are surgically inserted at an angle into your jawbone. The angle helps to maximize contact with the bone, which then enables optimal support once the bone has fused.

After the implants are placed, a titanium bar is attached, connecting all of the implants. Once your permanent replacement teeth are finalized, they are attached to the bar, not to be removed. The bar helps to provide a stable support for your new teeth, which can be cared for just like natural teeth.

How is it different from regular dental implants?

Diagram of bar attachment denture from oral surgeon office in Pacific Palisades, CA.There are several differences between a bar attachment dentures, and an implant supported denture. One major difference is the number of implants used. An standard implant supported denture uses 6 to 8 implants, whereas the bar attachment denture uses only 4. A regular implant supported denture requires that your jaw has sufficient bone mass. A bar attachment denture, on the other hand, can be suitable for patients who have suffered some bone loss.

Another major difference between the two types of dental implants is the length of time healing and the number of dental visits required. With an implant supported denture, your healing can take several months (upwards of 6 or more). During this time, you wear temporary teeth and must attend several follow-up visits. After you have healed, then abutments are placed and the process for creating and placing your final teeth begins. With a bar attachment denture, there is less downtime, and your permanent replacement teeth are placed on the bar immediately following surgery, reducing the number of follow-up visits.

Bar Attachment Denture Benefits

The bar attachment denture provides many of the same benefits as any other type of dental implant. They provide a permanent solution for tooth loss. They are more comfortable and easier to care for than traditional dentures. They also help to stop the bone loss that naturally follows tooth loss. Other benefits of a bar attachment denture include:
•  Less surgery
•  Less downtime (you heal faster).
•  Your permanent replacement teeth are placed immediately, enabling you to avoid the need for temporary teeth.
•  A bar attachment denture costs less than an implant supported denture (due to the reduced number of implants).
•  Helps you to avoid the need for a bone graft.

If you are interested in learning more about dental implants, and the bar attachment denture, contact Palisades Surgical Arts today at (310) 459-0014.
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Implant Retained Dentures | Palisades Surgical Arts
A bar attachment denture is a type of dental implant retained denture that permanently and securely attaches a full arch of teeth into your jaw. They are a great tooth replacement option.
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