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Corrective Jaw Surgery
Pacific Palisades, CA

Oral Surgery

If you have a dental or skeletal issue that cannot be solved, even with the most up to date dental technologies and techniques, you may be in need of corrective jaw surgery.

Also known as orthognathic surgery, corrective jaw surgery refers to some different procedures that are performed to correct more difficult dental and skeletal problems. At Palisades Surgical Arts, we can perform corrective jaw surgery, helping to restore the health and beauty of your mouth.

Do you need corrective jaw surgery?

Your mouth is essential for many important jobs. When you have issues with your jaw and your teeth, all of these functions are impacted. Simple tasks, such as eating, speaking, even sleeping, become a major challenge. As a result, your quality of life suffers. Corrective jaw surgery is often performed after other treatments (such as braces) have been used, but have not yielded the desired results.

Corrective jaw surgery may be used for a variety of different needs and is usually reserved for the last resort when all other treatment methods have failed. It may be used to correct:
•  Facial trauma.
•  Cleft palates, or other congenital defects.
•  Malocclusions (overbites and underbites).
•  Open bites.
•  Chronic jaw and joint pain (a condition known as temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD).
•  Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).
•  Chronic mouth breathing.
•  Your facial appearance is unbalanced (asymmetrical).

How is corrective jaw surgery performed?

Diagram of the human jaw that can be corrected through surgery by an oral surgeon at Palisades Surgical Arts.Before undergoing corrective jaw surgery, we first do an initial consultation. This consultation is done to assess the condition of your mouth and jaw, and determine if surgery is the best option for your needs. During your consultation, we perform a thorough exam of your mouth, which will include x-rays, as well as any other images that may be needed.

All of these images allow us to get a complete picture of your specific situation. We are then able to formulate the most effective treatment plan for your needs, which may include the use of orthodontics before surgery.

Your surgical procedure begins with a local anesthetic and sedation, which will help you to relax. Depending upon the nature of your surgery, general anesthesia may be given, enabling you to sleep through your procedure. Your surgery may take anywhere from one to several hours.

We then create incisions to provide us with access to your jawbone, so that we can correct your specific issue. We may add bone, remove bone, or reshape it. Plates and screws or wires may be used to stabilize your jaw. Once we have completed your procedure, we clean the site and suture the soft tissue closed.

The length of time it takes you to heal from corrective jaw surgery depends upon your specific treatment. Once your procedure is complete, we will provide you with a specific set of aftercare instructions that will inform you of what to expect and how to deal with common issues such as pain and swelling.

It is also important that you stick to a diet of soft foods, avoiding anything hard or crunchy, for at least the first few days, and avoid strenuous activities. This means no bending, heavy lifting, running, or other heavy exercises. As you heal from surgery, you can gradually return to your normal activities.

Benefits of Corrective Jaw Surgery

There are several benefits to corrective jaw surgery:
•  Relief from chronic pain.
•  Any chronic headaches and earaches are alleviated.
•  Normal functions of your mouth (eating, speaking) become easier again.
•  Your overall health is improved.
•  The ability to sleep is restored.
•  Your appearance is improved, which can give you a boost of confidence.

With corrective jaw surgery, we can correct some different dental and skeletal issues, restoring your oral health and your appearance. Contact Palisades Surgical Arts at (310) 459-0014 for more information or to schedule your consultation today.
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At Palisades Surgical Arts, we can perform corrective jaw surgery, helping to restore the health and vitality of your mouth.
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