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General Anesthesia

At Palisades Surgical Arts, we use sedation and a local anesthetic to eliminate pain and provide a comfortable experience. Sedation dentistry is a convenient solution to relax patients during surgery and other uncomfortable procedures. Dr. Moncayo and the rest of our team have the expertise and experience to safely and effectively provide perform sedation techniques, including general anesthesia.

What is General Anesthesia?

General anesthesia is used to put a patient to sleep during a surgical operation. A patient under general anesthesia cannot be easily awoken, even by painful stimulation, until the effects have worn off or been reversed with medication. To place a patient under general anesthesia, we use a combination of inhaled gases and intravenous medications.

General anesthesia depresses the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and typically requires additional support for breathing. This means an anesthesiologist will be present to monitor your blood pressure, pulse, and heart rate. Also, your gag and cough reflexes are not operational during general anesthesia. As a precautionary measure, we protect and seal the back of your mouth to prevent anything from going down into your lungs or throat. In other words, we take general anesthesia very seriously and take the necessary steps to provide a safe and comfortable experience.

When do we use General Anesthesia?

Since general anesthesia is a serious undertaking, we reserve it for specific situations. We may recommend general anesthesia for:
•  A patient in need of a complex and lengthy oral surgery
•  A patient with a high tolerance for medications used in other forms of IV sedation
•  A patient in need of a traumatic dental procedure, such as the removal of impacted wisdom teeth
•  A patient who has an allergy to local anesthetic, or for whom local anesthetic is not effective
•  A patient who has an extreme gag reflex or difficulty keeping their mouth open for an extended period
•  A patient who is medically compromised or has a special health condition

The use of general anesthesia is based on individual circumstance. Your overall health, including any physical and mental conditions you may have, can be a determining factor. Conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and respiratory disease should be addressed before we administer general anesthesia. Only Dr. Moncayo will be able to determine if general anesthesia is right for you. He will do a thorough review of your medical and dental histories before proceeding.

General Anesthesia Vs. IV and Oral Conscious Sedation

At Palisades Surgical Arts, we also offer IV and oral conscious sedation. IV and oral conscious sedation allow us to provide care for patients who experience anxiety and fear related to dental procedures. During IV and oral conscious sedation, you are not asleep, but rather in a “twilight” zone or reduced state of anxiety. You do not need medical assistance to maintain breathing and heart function, reducing the risk of any complications. You will also be able to respond to verbal commands and physical stimulus. Most patients under IV and oral conscious sedation have little or no recollection of the procedure afterward.

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At Palisades Surgical Arts, we use sedation and a local anesthetic to eliminate pain and provide a comfortable experience. Click to learn more.
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